12 Smart FOOD HACKS & KITCHEN IDEAS to Keep Your Food Fresh by Crafty Panda

13.05.2020 г.
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It’s such a waste to throw away food just because you forgot to eat it in time… How about we learn how to preserve food so it won’t spoil that easily! Discover many different ways of preserving your veggies, fruits, meat, and all sorts of other food items! And, most importantly, stay tuned for more smart food hacks and food-preserving ideas by Crafty Panda!
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00:00 Store Cut Veggies
00:45 Grape To Raisin
01:37 Store Soft Cheese
02:32 Frozen Meat
03:29 DIY Ghee Butter
04:19 Onions Into Pantyhose
04:53 Store Garlic In Paper
05:46 No Sprout Potatoes
06:29 Bag Sealer
07:29 Food Shovel
08:25 Magnetic Bottles Holder
09:26 Clipper Bottle Holder
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