EPIC PRANK WARS! 10 Funny Pranks on Friends & Family And More Funny Situations by Crafty Panda

11.11.2020 г.
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Hey there, Prankster Pandas! Cheer up! We’ve got some funny DIY prank ideas to put a smile on your face and get the prank wars going! Let’s learn how to use DIY slime to prank your friends and family - try a slimy toilet prank or make a slimy trap on your friend’s sunglasses! Hide the TV remote control in plain sight with a simple DIY trick! Stay tuned for more amazing prank wars and funny situations by Crafty Panda!
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Mystery Bowl
Slime in Toilet
Remote Control
Duct Tape
Glass on Fingers Trap
Fake Kiss
Silly String Air Freshener
Spicy Juice
Slimy Sunglasses
Glued Slippers
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  • Hey, Crafty Pandas, ready for Prank Wars!? 🐼🖐️ Which prank ideas are you gonna be using on your friends? 🤔💡🥳 Don't forget to subscribe to Crafty Panda! 🌟🌟🌟 P.S. If you enjoyed this video, you might also like 😉: bgworld.info/section/video/0aWixLh0f26ZzmI.html

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